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Elder Richard Aufdermauer
Michigan Detroit Mission
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Farmington, MI 48335

Monday, December 13, 2010


If there is one word to discribe the time since last email on Thursday its: SNOW!!!! 2 inches on Friday night, 3 inches on Saturday night and another 2 inches during the day on Sunday. Its enough snow to make everything white and the roads ICY.

Thursday December 9, 2010: The Temple was amazing!!!

Friday December 10, 2010: We did exchanges today. I was with Elder Edwards. We stopped By Donna's house, her daughter answered the door, we left her with a Together Forever DVD and a Joy to the World DVD I hope they help her out. A lot of cancled appointments today too it really sucks.

Saturday December 11, 2010: Snow is on the ground its really cool, Not much else happened except the Ward Christmas party which was fun.

Sunday December 12, 2010: It snowed a lot while we were at church. We went to the Lavely's house (ward mission leader) and had a fun time there. We shared the story of Aaron and King Lamoni's Father.

Monday December 13, 2010: The snow is crusty. We helped Shontae shovel some snow I wrote some letters home and now im here.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

but it didn't stick...

It’s been a really fast week and a half. The reason why I’m writing today is because we switched our Preparation day to today so that we can go to the temple. I get to go at noon:) so I'll start off like normal and then we'll see what happens next.

So first off, Donna, (I think I said this last time) was a super solid investigator, ordering like 10 copies of the Book of Mormon for her Family. Her Brother died 2 days before Thanksgiving and since then we haven't been able to get a hold of her. She was super short on the phone. Sister Holmes called her and found out that she was going back to her old church :( we haven't lost hope, we're still trying.

William: He’s a little slow, but then again who in Detroit isn't. It’s going really well with him, we are going to see him again tomorrow. He’s been reading the Book of Mormon slowly but surely. We are hoping that he can come to church this Sunday because he missed last.

Tuesday November 30, 2010: Remember the first time I mowed a lawn? Well today was the first time I mowed a lawn on one of those lawn mowers that you drive. How fun was that!!! The sad part of today was that all but I think one appointment bailed on us :( yea we face rejection everyday.

Wednesday December 1, 2010: FIRST DAY OF SNOW!!!! but it didn’t stick :(

Thursday December 2 and Friday December 3, 2010: All day both days we were at a Specialized Training Meeting. Sorry I don’t have much to say about it, except it was awesome, I learned a bunch of stuff to help, and I don’t have my notes on me so I cant really tell you what we did. I do remember that we had some instructions about Finding people, and following the spirit.

Sunday December 5 2010: One of our less-actives, Brother Barnes, We found out that he was in the hospital due to some health related issues. It was a really good visit. We went to see how he was doing and if there was any thing we could do to help. The Bishop came in right then so to help we gave him a blessing. The Bishop anointed and I did the blessing. It was really great, I’m feeling a lot more comfortable doing them and I feel the spirit so much when I do.

Wednesday December 8, 2010: I did another blessing today and once again it was amazing.

Thursday December 9, 2010: It’s my 100th day in the mission field!!! We switched our preparation day to today so that we can go to the temple which I'll be doing that in a little more that an hour.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

What Stands Out

Another fun week out here in Livonia. I’m going to make my emails a little shorter now. Instead of telling you what happens everyday I’m just going to tell you the Important, Fun, Interesting and the things that stand out to me.

Wednesday November 24, 2010: The thing today that I noticed was really great is how the Spirit works through me. We were tracting and I felt like we needed to tract the right side of the street and instead of doing the left side that we go around the block and do the other street as well. On that second street we found a potential investigator, She said we can come back after the Holidays, so I hope that we can go back and teach her. (Tasha)

Thursday November 25, 2010: Thanksgiving day!!! We went to the Beauchamp's around 2 for an early dinner, which was great. I got to sit at the kids’ table; it was fun talking to the kids. I taught them how to play Ring on a String and they all really enjoyed it. After The Beauchamp's we went to Brother Lavely's Daughter's house. He was there too and it was a totally different experience it was fun.

Friday November 26, 2010: The Beauchamp's invited us over for dinner for leftovers. One investigator that we have, William, he’s pretty cool, we've meet with him twice and he’s been reading! Its awesome. A little more about Donna. She has a baptismal date for December 11th, but her brother just passed away and we are hoping that it wont affect her to much.

Saturday November 27, 2010: We had the opportunity to attend a baptism today which was amazing. I forget her name, but I know she is from the Greenfeild Area (in Detroit) It took place at our building so we went early to fill up the font. It was such an amazing thing to witness.

Here are some Questions that Molly asked me and here are my responses:

How are you enjoying things? Things are great, I’m loving it, People in the ward are really nice. I love having a little part of the city in my area.

Anything that you didn't expect? Not really, I didn't expect as many abandoned and burned houses.

What is your favorite part about being out there? My favorite part is how strong the spirit is and seeing how it works through me.

What do you think about having a companion all the time? I love my companion he is awesome, but having to be with him all the time sucks. No alone time at all except for in the bathroom. quote from the missionary handbook. "The only times you should be separated from your assigned companion are when you are in an interview with the mission president, on a companion exchanged, or in the bathroom." Its can be too much.

What have you learned? I've learned more about the church (too much to type) and how to better teach it.

And how's the weather? The weather sucks, mainly because we don’t get weather reports so its kinda like, what happens happens! Rain, cold, hot, dry, etc.

Has is been getting really cold? Its been really cold the last few days its been down in the 30's today was in the 50's though

Are you on bikes all the time? Not at all. this area and my last (first) area were both car areas so I've been in a car all the time so far. I have ridden my bike like twice.

Do you have plenty of lights on your bike? Yes

Is it getting dark really early? Yeah, it gets dark at like 5:30ish some times earlier.

Do you have all the winter clothes that you need? Thanks to Dianna I'm staying warm :) I can use some light gloves (not snow gloves)

Are you excited for snow?? Yes and No. Yes because its snow and I love snow. No because I hear that the snow here in Michigan sucks. I've heard that they don’t plow the roads here they salt them so lots of cars are rusting out, but we still have to wash out car during the winter mainly the under side.

If you have any questions for me either comment on the blog and Christian will forward them to me or send me a letter.

Pass it Along

Monday November 15, 2010: the Member that we helped move gave me a unicycle that I'm going to try to get working today. Ok Bowling, it was awesome. We bowled two games and we added up both our scores and super funny and crazy odds. Elder Fogth and I for both games got 224. How weird is that. For dinner we went with Shontae and Danelle to Logans. Its a pretty cool place super dirty. They give you a bucket of peanuts and you just throw the shells on the ground and other trash too. Super fun day. In the evening we went to see Domonique one of our investigators and taught her the Plan of Salvation.

Tuesday November 16, 2010: We did some service for Sister Cupp, raked her yard, it was great. We taught Donna today with president and sister Holmes. No pressure right? Just kidding. It was amazing!!! She is our Golden and that was the first time we taught her. Shes the one who ordered 10 copies of the Book Of Mormon. We went to the Salvation Army store and there I got a pair of pants its good. We taught Christi and The Levelys (I said the legglys before, I was wrong) Brother Levely is our Ward Mission Leader.

Wednesday November 17, 2010: Not much happened, went to district meeting. Tracted for awhile (I find cool stuff when tracting). The best part of the day was meeting William. He is a new Investigator and the way we got him was a few days ago we were out contacting and we gave him a pass-along card. He called the number and wanted the Finding Faith DVD so we took it to him and he said we can come back!

Thursday November 18, 2010: Cool but a little slow. Did some yard service for Sister Lee, and taught some less active members. We went to the Mission Fireside which was really sweet. Had some awesome speakers and President Holmes out of the blue wanted people to come sing. A sister Missionary picked the song (cuz she was playing the piano) and it was open to whoever wanted to go so I did It was really great.

Friday November 19, 2010: Today we taught Donna again. last time we asked he to get Baptized she said she'll pray about it and now she wants to do it. We taught her the Plan of Salvation and a little on temples. Today was the day we came back to teach William the Restoration it went really well.

Saturday November 20, 2010: We were on exchanges so I was in Westland with Elder Kirkman. We found a new Investigator for them and we taught a few lessons.

Sunday November 21, 2010: Today was Stake Conference. It was really cool and I got some good insight from the speakers. We went out and did some member lessons. and for Dinner we went to the Cartwright's super fun family.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Tuesday November 9, 2010: Today we had a Zone Conference which was super awesome and really spiritual. We all had the pleasure to hear from Elder Jensen of the 70. He is a really cool and has a lot of really cool insights that help out a lot. On the way home, since we are the drivers for some other missionaries we had to make a few stops for them to get some stuff but they are some pretty cool guys. That basically took our whole day.

Wednesday November 10, 2010: Today was full of teaching people, I don’t have my planner with me so I forgot who we taught. But a really cool thing that happened is that we found a full size foosball table that we loaded in the van and it now sits in the middle of our living room.

Thursday November 11, 2010: Elder Fogth went to the temple today for his year mark so I got to go with the Farmington Elders they are pretty cool. Just did the regular with them, go around tracting and teaching. Got back later that night with Elder Fogth and did the same thing back in our area.

Saturday November 13, 2010: We were on exchanges today so I was with Elder Rodgers in Plymouth and it was a really cool day, even though just about every appointment we had canceled on us. We did a lot of tracting.

Sunday November 14, 2010: Not much happened went to Church and did a lot of contacting.

Monday November 15, 2010: Today, helped someone from the ward move and did laundry, write home, and emailed home. Later we are going to go bowling with Shontae.

Because of the possible frequency of transfers, all letters and packages should be sent to:

Elder Richard Aufdermauer

Michigan Detroit Mission

33505 State St. Ste. 101

Farmington, MI 48335

This way even when I go to a new area, It will still find me.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

1st transfer

So it was the first week of a new transfer, so a lot of stuff went down. My new companion is Elder Fogth. Good luck trying to say it :)

Tuesday November 2, 2010: Transfer day. Elder Fogth and I got put together. He’s a pretty awesome guy. After Transfer Meeting we went to the apartment where I could unpack all my stuff. We went to Dinner at the Shultz home. (sorry for all the crazy names, but you try to say Aufdermauer) Bishop Shultz was just released as Bishop just a few weeks ago. After dinner was fun we went to see Shontae, she’s super cool, she’s a less active but she’s doing a lot better as I’m told. Today was the first day that I saw a burned down house. Oh yea my area consists of a little part of Farmington, Livonia, Redford and a little part of DETROIT. Went to go see some investigators but they weren’t home, did some contacting. Pretty good day in a new area.

Wednesday November 3, 2010: Today was full of stuff. District Meeting to start everything off, meet a few new Elders, saw some I knew. After we went to the Farmers home and raked their front yard for some service. and we saw a few people. Taught a lot of different stuff. Lisa got the pre-earth life, Mike got Hope and Faith, and George got the Ten Commandments. I met brother Allen today too and he is a really cool guy. I think he’s around 80, he has lung cancer, he can speak like 7 different languages, and he’s like a multi-millionaire. He says he takes really good care of us.

Thursday November 4, 2010: Another Day full of goodness. We went to the Lee's house and raked their front yard (I’m getting really good at raking) and shared an article in the Ensign with Sister Lee about having a Positive perspective on things. Sister Finklestine, we shared another Ensign article about building character. We went to the Rabaut's home for dinner and they are a pretty awesome family. Guess how many kids they have... they have 9 kids ranging from 8 years old to 18 years old. After dinner we went to the Defrank's and taught them the Restoration, they are a very quite family.

Friday November 5, 2010: Meet with Shontae again and went on a cool walk with her. She lives in the Detroit area that we have and I got some cool pictures from it. Brother Allen took us to dinner for some really good pizza. And I got to meet Brother Legly for correlation. He’s a funny guy, he’s the ward mission leader. That’s all I’m allowed to tell you about him.

Saturday November 6, 2010: Once again a super cool day. We went to Ilura's and helped her, with the Elder's Quorum, we helped her move. It wasn't a far move, just 5 houses down and across the street. I met Christi, one of our investigators, who can’t get baptized for awhile, but she'll stay strong. Tracting was very interesting we were on Burgess St. and the first house we knocked on was the only house we knocked on. The Guy there was Vic and he invited us in and he talked for about and hour and a half on conspiracy theories of how the Devil is taking over the world. Had a lot of stuff down and a lot of it was pretty interesting. Whatever keeps him from doing bad stuff is good.

Sunday November 7, 2010: Pretty long day. Daylights savings, didn't really feel like I got an extra hour. Before church we went to an old peoples home and gave Brother Lessin's a blessing. Church was good. The President is in my ward so I have to be extra good. Jk, I'm already good. Brother Legly invited us for dinner, it as so good especially after fasting all day. Contacting was good. We walked through Downtown Farmington and that is basically my week.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Rotten Tomato

Monday October 25, 2010: Got to go on exchanges with Elder Matthews after P-day. Elder Attwood and I drove to their place to do the swap, and guess what. Elder Matthews and Elder Dawson got a foosball table so we had tournament for me. It was Elder Matthews and I vs. Elder Attwood and Elder Dawson. Elder Matthews and I won 5 out of 5, well it was mostly Elder Matthews, I helped a little bit. He’s really good at it.

Tuesday October 26, 2010: Elder Matthews and I got to do some service today, and it wasn't like what I did back in Waterford. we went to the Cooper's home and we finished burying their sheep that died. The hole was way deep, well over 6 feet. Then we helped set up some stuff in their small barn to help them get a little more organized. After did some tracting and we had to exchange back early. On the way home from the Zone leaders place, we saw a truck hit another truck. It happened right in front of us. It wasn't bad, the truck slammed on his breaks and the truck behind (following to closely) slammed on too but was still to close. We also passed a church, it has the board out front so that they can spell out phrases. It said " Stop, drop and roll. That wont work in Hell" I wish that I would have gotten a picture of it. When we got home we went to dinner with Brother Myer and his wife, they took us to the Outback and got us both a Melbourne steak, 18 oz, it was awesome.

Wednesday October 27, 2010: Its Sister Jones birthday tomorrow so I baked some brownies and brought them to the district meeting. After the district meeting I went on another exchange with Elder Hidalgo, in Fenton. It was lots of fun. Got to their place, get ready and we took the bikes out and went tracting for a bit. After tracting we went to go see Brother Gooss, his family is super nice and friendly. He’s an investigator that the Fenton Elders have, we taught him and his wife the Plan of Salvation. He understands but at the same time he has a lot of questions. I felt the spirit a lot there and I know that over time after receiving the lessons, I know they will get Baptized.

Thursday October 28, 2010: Fun day, Did some service at Sister Miler's home with Elder Hidalgo and Brother Mason. We did some yard work in her garden pulling up lots of weeds and stuff. It was fun because Elder Hidalgo and I kind of got into a food fight using the veggies in the garden but they were kind of old and rotting. He hit me with a nasty tomato which smelled really bad, but I got him back. Yes we played but we also got a lot of work done in the garden. We got back to the Apartment and exchanged back. On the way home we stopped at Wal-mart and I bought myself a GPS. NO MORE GETTING LOST AND WASTING MILES. we went to the fireside that night which was great. It was for investigators, and less actives. Saw a lot of other Missionaries and got to catch up with Elder Johnson.

Friday October 29, 2010: Not much happened. went to the bike shop, the guy helped my out "fo free" my bikes all fixed up now, took some links out of the chain when I got home. Then we crashed the ward Halloween party, had some awesome pie.

Saturday October 30, 2010: Left the house on our bikes and my chain broke :( but I fixed it again during out break. Biked to the Giddings for dinner (like 5 miles away) stopped and did some tracting and found a potential. Left the Giddings a restoration DVD. Biking home from the Giddings. The chain broke!!!! oh but it wasn't my bike this time, it was Elder Attwoods. Brother Robinson came and picked us up and took us home.

Sunday October 31, 2010: HALLOWEEN!!! Church was cool. Brother Cornell spoke on how Halloween used to be a very spiritual day. After church just spent the rest of the day tracting and when it got dark we started trick-or-treating. Kind of, more like talking to people sitting outside of their houses, we did get some candy though. I was dressed up as a Mormon Missionary. It was a super fun day and we got to talk to quite a few people.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Taco Bell... that's not real Mexican food!

After P-day time last Monday, I went to The Fulk's house for dinner and it was amazing. Her daughter served a temple square mission, but Spanish speaking. She made Mexican food for dinner. That was probably the best meal I've had out here so far. The only other Mexican food here is Taco Bell and that’s not real Mexican food. I haven't eaten there and I don’t really plan to. Oh and no exchange.

Tuesday October 19, 2010: Nice long busy day. We got to teach the Bozarth's (less-active) about the Restoration. It was really cool to be there because I know that they need it. Brother Bozarth works a lot and he has to work every other Sunday, I think. They have some little kids only two were home when we were over. I forget the little girls name, but Ethan, bit me!!! He took a chunk out of my arm, it wouldn't stop bleeding. Just kidding, he did bite my arm pretty hard and left a mark there the rest of the day.

Taught Nanette again too. She is amazing she understands everything we teach and she tries to keep the commitments we leave with her. So we taught her about tithing. Its a hard topic to grasp for investigators but she didn't have a problem with it at all. She actually bore testimony of how paying tithing has blessed her in her life. like I said she’s AMAZING.

Mike Mulligan is married to a member and he’s not. He’s a cool guy and likes to have us over. Taught a little, read with him, and answered some questions.

Wednesday October 20, 2010: Kind of a more laid back day. We went to District meeting had some awesome lesson on Teaching really cool and spiritual. After District meeting, Sister Loskos canceled on us so we went to lunch with the Zone Leaders, Elder Dawson and Elder Matthews, and the Fenton Elders, Elder's Huntsmen and Hidalgo. We went to Buffalo Wild Wings had some good food, good conversations. We went to Dinner at the Greves home, and shared with them something from Mosiah 4 but I can’t remember the Verses. and we played Basketball for a little bit with the guys at church after our meeting.

Thursday October 21, 2010: Super long day. at 8:30 am we left to go to the New Missionary Orientation that started at 9:30 and went to 4 pm. lots of really good information and super spiritual. We had a dinner appointment at the Dovor's and it was good. Build your own pizza and it was good pizza. That’s basically what happened today.

Friday October 22, 2010: Another slow long day. Did our weekly planning. Went to see Richard Bird (member referral) he likes to talk, he’s a history teacher, and half the stuff he said went right over my head. Been less active for awhile. And he gave us 4 books with Shakespeare stories in them, too bad we cant read them. And for the evening of the day we helped Sister Laskos do some service at the Lakeland High School Football game. We passed out pizza and soup.

Saturday October 23, 2010: This was a big day. I was on an exchange with Elder Peay. We saw George Robinson and read with him in the morning then we basically tracted for the rest of the time until 3. Tracting was great! We found 2 new investigators and one potential. Tommy and Holly are our new investigators. We found them smoking in the garage and we actually taught them the Restoration. Tommy is looking for a new way in his life, trying to get away form trouble. They seamed to like us and we have a return appointment with them on Saturday. After our 3 to 5 we stopped by Tim Hays home and got to talk to him, see how his Temple Prep was going, and shared an article in the June Ensign about keeping a current recommend. The Giddings for dinner was Amazing. Grandma wasn't there so it was just Stephanie (less-active) and Danny (investigator) They are married and have two kids. Because Grandma wasn't there Danny was more into it and talking a lot more, last time he didn’t say much, We went over the Plan of Salvation and it went super well. We asked Danny if he'll be Baptized on November 20th, its not set in stone. He said its going to be hard to stop smoking and drinking but know that he can do it. It might be a little longer than the 20th but i know that he can do it. Stephanie likes the idea of them getting sealed together and I think it will make them that much happier.

Sunday October 24, 2010: I’m going to focus on Nannette. it was Stake Conference, theme was revelation, it was great. Ok Nannette. Taught her the Word of Wisdom and it went really well. She’s going to stop smoking and drinking coffee!!!!! Im so excited to see her overcome that and become more spiritually in tune. She’s not going to regret it.

I love you all so very much, hope that you all have a great week

Monday, October 18, 2010

Day to Day

Thursday October 7th: Guess what I got to do?!?! Go on guess. I try to do it every 8 weeks. I donated Blood at the church building. For those of you who don’t know, I really enjoy having a huge needle shoved in my arm to draw out blood. Really I do that’s not sarcastic. It was awesome. I think that was my 12th or 13th time donating. See I do enjoy it. Thanks Mom for taking me that first time in San Jose, You turned me into a blood donor :)

Friday October 8th: This day was really cool but kinda sad. We were invited to attend a funeral. The cool thing about it was that I got to dedicate the grave. Yeah that’s right, yours truly got to dedicate a grave. I got a picture of the gravesite a few days after the funeral so everyone can see the spot. His name is Lee Hanna, he is not a member but his daughter is, and she thought it would help if we did that. We thought as we were in the cemetery "Even though this is a Lutheran (I think it was a Lutheran cemetery) Cemetery, everyone that is in it is probably Mormon now, or at least on the path."

Saturday October 9th: We went to Sister Lasko's Pizza place and helped do some work for about 4 hours. I was scrubbing some vents that were above the oven; it took me awhile it kinda sucked. But overall was fun. I got to help in the kitchen for a little by prepping some food (she didn’t open till 4pm, we got there at 1) and when we were done we got to make our own pizza, it was really good.

Sunday October 10th: 10-10-10 that was Sunday. After church, like I said earlier, this was the time we went and saw Nannette. For dinner we went to Bishop Laker's house for dinner and he is a pretty cool guy. Huge house awesome family, I had lots of fun there. Gage the oldest (8 years old) has down-syndrom but he is a really funny kid and he loved having us over. Landon, 5 years old, was full of energy running all over the place, excited we were there. and the last kid, I forget his name but he’s 8 months old. We got to teach them a lesson and it was on Repentance. You know what that means? I got to teach by using my Rubix cube, "No matter how messed up, scrambled, or confusing life is, we can always rely of Jesus Christ to help us become whole and clean.

Monday October 11th: It was our Preparation day but since it was Columbus day all the Libraries were closed :( That’s why I’m emailing today (Tuesday 12th). We went to the park and played Frisbee Golf. its so fun. Is there a course near home? I want to play when I get home. After Frisbee Golf we went home and I got to do Laundry!!!!! Its great to have clean clothing. Later Monday night we had some other Elders come over. Elder Welch and Elder Brinkman. Elder Attwood and Elder Brinkman went to a leader meeting today (Tuesday) so Elder Welch is my companion for Tuesday and Wednesday. Tuesday October 12th 2010: It was the First day with new temporary companion, Elder Welch. It was a day of service. We started off like normal with our daily studies and for service we went to the senior center (like Elder Attwood and I do on Tuesdays and Thursdays) to help Toni in the kitchen with Meals on Wheels and serving lunch to all the old people. It was fun during the break we had we played a little on the piano and played with some "Soft chairs, the ones with the Wheels" (Christian will understand) and I learned how to do a wheelie which was cool. After the service at the senior center we got to go to Sister Tallents house again to mow her lawn. But this time I didn't mow, Elder Welch did it all, But I wasn't slacking off. I was using the leaf blower to get all the awesome beautiful red leaves in a pile so that I could throw them a way. I ended up getting the leaves off the neighbor’s yard as well, you know a good service thing. I filled up 5 compost garbage bins up with leaves, there were a lot. For our hard work Sister Tallent rewarded us with her awesome ice-cream pie, which is amazing, some apples and bacon. After all of this fun awesome service (yes it was fun) we went back to the apartment to relax for a short break. Elder Attwood and Elder Brinkman got back and they went to Brother Blust to teach him (he wanted to leave the church, but agreed to meet with him before he made a final decision). While Elder Welch and I went to go to Otto & Jean Johnson, a less active couple, well we couldn't find their house so we went tracking down that street and came to Nicole Little's home and she said that we could come back tomorrow to teach her. Awesome I found some one :) when everyone got home we partied all night drinking beer and breaking all the commandments, jk. We hung out talked and went to bed so that we could run it the morning.

Wednesday October13th 2010: This morning like I said was running day, I ran 3 miles :). We saw Brother George Robinson today, It was his 75th birthday. He was so happy to see us. we shared him a lesson from the June 2010 Ensign about how important it is to keep a current Temple Recommend (page 35 I think, if you’re interested). We saw Brandon after lunch didn't teach much but we prayed with him. After we walked 40 min to the Bozarth's home (less active family) and taught them The Plan of Salvation. It went great. We walked 40 min back home in the rain, which I thought was awesome. We did have jackets on which was good. I love the rain. Elder Attwood and Elder Brinkman got home today and Elder Brinkman and Elder Welch went home, so that left Elder Attwood and myself to go teach Nicole Little. This was a MIRACLE. We show up, it’s raining a little bit and she comes out and we teach her OUTSIDE. When we start teaching the Restoration, it stops raining. When we finish teaching, it started raining again. Look me in the eyes and tell me that that wasn't a miracle, I dare you. I am so excited because I got an investigator :) We got to play basketball at the church tonight that was really fun.

Thursday October 14th 2010: Today isn't over but I'll tell you what has happened thus far. District meeting this morning. It was awesome, it was all about the Spirit, and I got to teach about recognizing the promptings and relying on the Holy Ghost, It was fun and really cool. On our way home we went to Nannette's house and taught her the Plan of Salvation, it was so cool, I felt and taught by the spirit the whole time. It was such and awesome experience. She asked about Baptism and what she had to do to get ready for it on Nov. 6th. So I would say today was another miracle day.

Friday October 15, 2010: It was sacred time in the morning, meaning it was weekly planning day. After planning for this up coming day we went over to Brandon's house to see how he was doing. He’s been struggling a little bit with reading the Book of Mormon so we sat down and read with him. Guess how much we read with him? We started in 1 Nephi and read chapters 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. 5 chapters!!! It really helped him, and it helped me too, because I got to read it again and I got explain parts of it. We then helped him with his car. We helped him get his passenger side window back on the track, because it was off the track, go figure. For Dinner we went to Brother and Sister Garcia's for dinner, they are a less-active family. After dinner, we got to work on another car. Brother Garcia has a Jeep (like Bob's) and he needed help with some rear axel stuff. I helped a little, it was mostly Elder Attwood doing it, but he likes doing it.

Saturday October 16, 2010: Today was totally pointless and that is why I’m going to share it. We went over to Sister Vincent's house to help her PACK boxes because she is moving to Florida. We helped pack her stuff, not pack a truck. and the stuff we helped her pack was like "Really, you couldn't do that yourself" I took apart a shelf and ran like 2 boxes to the basement, helped try to fix a broken vacuumed, and folded and packed some of her clothes. It was extremely BORING and painful but I know that she needed help and although I was about to die (we were there for like 5 hours doing barely anything) It was the right thing to do. To go help her with some of this stuff. she was really happy that we came to help and when I look back to that day I know that it was right to help. Even though it sucked doing it, I’m happy that I did. Ok so Brother Blust was the one that took us and he calls us all the time. He said he was going to get us at 9 in the morning and he shows up at like 8:30. He has a few mental problems as it is, so I learned that my job is first a Missionary and second a Counselor for people who don’t know how to get real professional help. I wont get in detail but he is having some emotional problems and has threatened to leave the church. We're trying to help as much as we can but there is only so much WE as Missionaries can do to help. Later in the day we went to Nicole Little's place (she’s our new investigator) and she wasn't there so we went shopping to get some food, I have no money left on my card for food. but I hope I have enough food to last till the end of the week.

Sunday October 17, 2010: We had church today, surprisingly enough. During Elders Quorum, we were going over Baptism, one of the guys there (less-active) left because its hard for him to grasp the idea that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, is the only True church with the proper Priesthood Authority to baptize. Last I checked It was. We went to see Sister Baker in the afternoon, it was great, and we got to share with her Faith and Hope. We decided to ride our bikes this evening and my bike broke again. Last time my pedal crank fell off, then my pedal, and now it was my pedal again and guess what the Elders that put my bike together when it got here, they striped the thread where the pedal goes so I have to buy a new pedal crank. Oh and my chain skips when I put pressure on it so I might need to buy a new gear thing for my back wheel. YAY I get to spend more money!!!!

Monday October 18, 2010: Today, right now its email, later its a district activity carving pumpkins, and going to some peoples houses in the evening. And we are doing another exchange tonight!!! EXCITING.


Brandon: He always forgets when we have Appointments, which sucks sometimes because we'll go over and he wont be there. But other than that he’s a good guy. He has trouble sometimes with the commitments we leave him. Prayer is really good with him, he says some cool ones when we are with him, But his reading is slacking still because he works a lot and just got a second job and that’s one of the reasons he cant come to church on Sundays. "Stupid work, leave Brandon alone on Sundays!!!"

Nannette: She is the one with the Baptismal date for November 6th. she is doing well with what we are teaching her and what she is reading. She has lots of questions for us which is great, because it helps her understand. She has been sick for a little while so she couldn't make it to church :(. When we went to visit with her on Sunday after church, we answered lots of questions and taught a little on the Plan of Salvation. Sister Greves was with us and she is an amazing woman, she definitely helped us out a lot. Before we left she gave us some BEER!!!, don’t worry it was to make beer bread. Elder Attwood loves it, I’m not that big of fan.

Mike Mulligan: His wife is a member in our ward. We went to go teach him the Restoration, but instead we answered a lot of questions and read a little with him. We are going back today to teach him again.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

MTC to Field

Here are a few pictures from Richard.

MTC District

First Companion: Elder Attwood

First Groceries

Book of Mormon in the Library

Monday, October 4, 2010

Goes down smooth-ie

So as you all know, I've worked at Jamba Juice for the last two years and some of the affects haven't worn off yet, I've been buying lots of fruit so that I can make myself a smoothie everyday. I think that the ones I'm making in the apartment now are more healthy than the ones from Jamba, mainly because they are all fruit ones. The other day at Kroger (like Safeway) there was a sale on Raspberries so I bought 3 pounds of fresh Raspberries for 5 bucks and now they are in my freezer, I also have a pound of blueberries, and blackberries. Today I’m going to Meijer (pronounced like Myer another Safeway like store) to get my Strawberries. Its one way to get my daily intake of fruit. Right?

So how did everyone enjoy Conference? I know I did, all 10 hours of it :) really I did I’m not being sarcastic. I think I was at the church a total of about 16 hours on Saturday and Sunday. That’s a long time at church. During the time in between sessions, I got to go hang out in front of a piano which was AWESOME!!! I can now play 2 songs (the top notes only but it still sounds like them) they are, We'll Bring the World His Truth (Army of Helaman), and If You Could Hie to Kolob, I love these songs a lot.

Elder Attwood and I are still trying to do all we can in a week. In the Clarkston area people are pretty friendly so we get to talk to quite a few people everyday, doesn't mean they want to know more but they let us talk to them.

For my daily study I've been reading The Book of Mormon and The New Testament. I've never read them side to side before. They have so much in common. If you haven't yet or its been awhile since you have, start reading about Christ's early ministry in Matthew its so amazing to read all about the things Christ has done. Although I’m at chapter 15 (I think, I don’t have my book with me) its awesome to read it. I can’t wait to finish the New Testament so that I can start reading Jesus The Christ.

We haven't helped anyone new this week but we have helped out investigators. Nannette's Baptismal date is still for Nov. 6th. Danny came to church, not yesterday but the Sunday before. We taught Brandon The Plan of Salvation, and that went very well, I hope to get him set up with another Baptismal date soon.

I mowed a lawn for the first time this week. It was for Sister Tallent in our ward. She lives on a chunk of land about 3/4 acres. So I got to mow the front yard while Elder Attwood did the back yard.

This has been an awesome week.

I love you all so much and hope you all have a wonderful week

Tune in next week for more of "Richard's Mission Adventure"!!!!!

~Richard :)

Monday, September 27, 2010

Waterford, Michigan

OK, so like I said last message, Im here in Michigan and im loving it so far.
I live in Waterford, Michigan and its awesome here. I am in the Clarkston area and I go to the Clarkston ward. Everybody in the ward is very nice and yeaterday being my first Sunday they were all very welcoming. I have been feed by members every day sence I've been here which is great because I don't have to cook for myself that much yet and the food is really good, the bad thing about it is that its hard to see any results from the workouts Elder Attwood has been making me do. But i am eatting food and Im surviving so thats the best part.
The weather here has been worse that home. Last week was good and not to hot and thats how half the week went, then mid-week i just got super cold, so the weather is more moody than California, But I still like far. Im taking more pictures on my camera so I'll try to send it out soon.

We have taught a few people this week and they have all been super friendly. I think my favorite investigator is Brandon. He lives in the same apartment complex that we do. He is black and he calls us his 'brothers' and 'Elder Homies', its pertty funny and awesome. we went to teach him a few days ago and we got his friend Fa to be an investigator (awesome!!!). We went back yesterday but he forgot so we are going back on Wednesday.

Today for P-day we are going to go play Frisbie Golf and I'm super stoked for that. Its been awhile sence I've played.
Hope you all have a great week and I'll send more adventures next week.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Field

I've been in Michigan for almost 3 days now and its really cool. It’s not P-day but they said that I should get to a computer to email and let everyone know that I’m safe and that I'm having fun.

The mission President is really nice and he is glad to have me (thanks to all the good things mom said about me). It’s been a great 3 days. I got to the Detroit airport a little after noon on Monday the 20th, got picked up by President and Sister Holmes, and went to the mission home for the rest of the day. I slept at some other Elders’ apartment and then in the morning went back to the mission home for a transfer meeting. My first companion is Elder Attwood, he’s really cool, I will be his last companion because only has 3 months to go. He says he is going to whip me into spiritual shape but physical as well (you'll see pictures). Last night (first night with Elder Attwood) we ate dinner at The Walkers home and tonight we are getting feed again, but I forget their name. I love you all and i hope you have a great rest of the week.

Peace, Love, God Bless.

P.S. Feel free to send me letters, pictures, and miscellaneous junk

Elder Richard Aufdermauer

Michigan Detroit Mission

33505 State St. Ste. 101

Farmington, MI 48335

Elder Richard Aufdermauer

950 Village Green Ln #1-3005

Waterford, MI 48328

Week 3

Hey Everybody,

I leave the MTC on Monday. I have to be at the travel office here at the MTC at 4am for my 7am flight and I arrive in Detroit around 1pm.

We got go to the temple again, and it was really awesome!

I've been learning so much here and I'm a sad to be leaving so soon because I want to learn more, but I know that I'll learn so much more when I'm out in the field. We just had another TE (teaching evaluation) today. My companion and I sit down and work with a teacher to get help with things. One of the problems my companion and I have is that I tend to dominate the conversation (my comp is a little shy and doesn't talk) but we’re working on it. We also have TA’s (teaching appointment) periodically. This is when we are assigned an "investigator" and we go teach them. It has been such an uplifting experience, even though they aren't real investigators. One of the Guys we had, his name is George and the second time we meet with him I invited him to get Baptized and he said yes. It was so cool doing that I just hope I’m ready when it comes to the real stuff.

Week 2

I’m getting sick! Elder Willard (also Detroit bound) is one of the missionaries in the room with me and he got really sick. He had to go to the doctor's office and was quarantined for a day and a half. I’m not quite that sick and hope I don’t get to that point. Everybody in the district is on medication so it doesn’t spread too bad.

I've been learning a lot here and its awesome! I can’t really put it in words but I’m growing day by day and I love it. The food is great here but I don’t want to gain any weight. It’s all you can eat, so I’m rationing my portions. We also get an hour for gym, which is great, but I wish it was longer (I usually play Volleyball the whole time), and the rest of the day we are sitting down in class; that is not going to help me stay slim!

I went to the temple this morning and it was really cool. It’s hard to explain the feeling in words but a lot of you know how different the spirit feels there.

A new crop of missionaries came in Wednesday so I’m no longer a newbie and I finally know someone here that I knew beforehand, Steven Meakin. I forget where he is going but I think it’s Spanish speaking.

Elder Morrison is one awesome elder, he is one of my zone leaders and he taught me how to tie the apostate knot in my tie, i think its also known as a split knot.

I’m having so much fun here. I love you and miss you all so much, and I pray for you all every night.

Week 1

Hey Everybody!!!!

The MTC has been so fun.

When Mom, Dad, and Dianna dropped me off at the MTC, I was greeted by Elder Pitt. He helped me take my bags to my room but before I got to my room we had a small orientation where we got my name tags!!! The room I am in is shared by 4 Elders; Elder Orme, Elder Johnson, Elder Willard, and I. There are 9 guys in my zone and I love them already.

There are about 2600 missionaries here but I've only met a few. We already started doing some awesome teaching training to try to get a little more comfortable with teaching on the street and at the door. Today, the 4th, we practiced inviting people to accept challenges (we aren't supposed to call them challenges, I just forget what we’re supposed to call them right now because I have so much on my mind). For a practice "challenge" my companion, Elder Orme, and I went out to challenge some other missionaries and we stopped a few that were going to the field, and we challenged them to enjoy and to effectively work out and to have fun; the Elders we stopped looked very happy to see that we were trying our best.