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Monday, March 28, 2011

#30- William Comes to Church!

This week has been a good one as well. I'm pretty excited about having these good weeks.

Tuesday March 22, 2011: President Holmes came with us this evening to teach William, and it went really well. William felt the spirit and he was able to identify some things that he has to work on so that he can get an answer to his prayers.

Thursday March 24, 2011: Today's District Meeting was a bit different. We had interviews with President Holmes and that went really well, he is a really cool, down to earth guy and will try to help you out with anything. Later that night we had a Mission Fireside, like every month, for the investigators, less active and recent converts. William came to that. It was so awesome, he said he had a good time.

Saturday March 26, 2011: We taught William today and once again invited him to come to church.

Sunday March 27, 2011: Today was awesome! Brother Beauchamp came to church with William! The first time that he came and he liked it. Also Kevin, the guy that was baptized last Sunday was confirmed and recived the Holy Ghost too. For dinner we went to the Holmes', they also invited Savannah and Sister Zitlau too. Later in the evening we went back to the church for a fireside where President Holmes addressed the ward about faith and missionary work. We hope that this helped the members understand missionary work and that they can pick it up. Awesome day!

Awesome week!! Of course more stuff happened, but this is the more important stuff:)

Monday, March 21, 2011

#29- Baptisms! YAY!

WOW!!! This week has been awesome. It went by super fast. This week has been full of awesome spiritual lessons.

Tuesday March 15, 2011: On our way to teach Sister Zitlau and Savannah, we were dodging pot holes on Inkster Rd. The guy behind us thought we were messing with him because we would slow down, swerve, speed up and slow down some more. He followed us to the side streets and yelled at us. And I quote "You never know how bad someone's day has been" it's not a 100% quote cuz it was full of bad words. But we had an awesome lesson with Savannah and her mom. Later that evening we had an awesome lesson with William. This was the more interesting story for the week.

Friday March 18, 2011: We had Zone Conference today which was really awesome but even better than that, we went to see Kevin after. Elder Hunt (Zone Leader) came to Kevin's house and did the Baptismal Interview with him. Good news, if everything goes as planned Kevin will be Baptized on Sunday.

Saturday March 19, 2011: Really busy day. Full of teaching people. We had a ward dinner tonight, "Men can cook too!!!" A woman free night of cooking. It was a chilli/mac&cheese themed dinner. It was super awesome food but not so friendly ward. We brought William to it hoping that it would open him up for church but guess what only 3 or 4 people said hello with out us having to tell them, but then again not that many people said hello at all. If there is anything that I can request from you guys at home, it is to pay more attention to the Missionaries and if they bring someone with them, whether it be church, or an activity/dinner, don't wait to say hi. It hurts as a missionary when people in your ward can't do simple things like that. Yes I know it can be hard at times but when nobody does it, that is ridiculous.

Sunday March 20, 2011: The first day of SPRING!!! but it started raining around 6pm. But before I decided to fast for our investigators. Kevin came to church, Savannah came to church, but William did not:(. After church President Holmes drove us to Adrian for a baptism for Tanya, an investigator that Elder Turley taught. I didn't see it because we stopped in Saline and swapped me for Elder Warner (he taught her too), so I got to spend 2ish hours with Elder Barclay which was great. I'm glad that Elder Warner got to go. We drove the hour back to our ward where Elder Turley and I got ready for Kevin's Baptism. It was AWESOME! I'm so happy that Kevin got Baptized tonight. He was happy too. My first Baptism. It was such a great experience. Good things will come for him:). It's been such an amazing week, I'm so happy. I don't really care for the bad or not so good things that happened because something so much greater happened. One of God's children entered into the waters of baptism. Technically there were 6 people who got baptized, just today, through-out the mission.

Monday, March 14, 2011

#28- Baptism Please?

This week has gone by slow and fast at the same time. Slow at some points, fast at others. Also I've been super tired all week too, Day Light Savings doesn't help. Oh and to top it all off, we had no investigators come to church.

Monday March 7, 2011: Today was fun. We started with basketball like every Monday. Taylor came with us again and there was another guy from Westland that came, his name is Eric. Eric came to the MTC the week after I did, but I never met him (2,000 Missionaries there) He went to England for his mission but because of medical reasons had to come home. Don't know how long he'll stay but he has to redo his mission papers. Today was also Shontae's birthday, but like a flake, she ditched us on our plans. So instead, Danielle, Elder Turley, and myself went bowling without her and then went for dinner.

Tuesday March 8, 2011: We went to Sister Cupp's house again to help her do some more stuff. Don't worry, no more window bites. After helping her we went back to our apartment. We had to cancel our mid-day appointments because Elder Turley has been having really bad back problems for the last 3 weeks. Last week wasn't that bad, but they came back hard this week. He had to rest for awhile. We went to the Lee's in the evening and they tried to help him.

Thursday March 10, 2011: Besides teaching today, the only thing out of the ordinary is that I got my hair cut. The reason it's out of the ordinary is because I didn't cut it myself like I have been for the last few years. There is a barber shop right across the street from our apartment and one of the ladies there, Michelle, cuts missionary's hair for free. My hair didn't quite turn out the way that I wanted it to but that's ok. Its seems to be working.

Saturday March 12, 2011: We were super busy this morning preparing for Kevin's Baptism, it got moved from today to tomorrow. It was super stressful. Midway through all this craziness Kevin calls and says we have to do the Baptism next week due to Family/Friend emergency, and then we couldn't meet at the time planned. We got to meet with him later and everything went well, he has to come to church tomorrow. We also had an awesome lesson with William.

Sunday March 13, 2011: Due to Day Light Savings almost everyone was late to church, except for those that remembered, like us. Also Kevin didn't come to church due to his main water line breaking and flooding his basement. Everything bad that could happen has been happening, this really sucks. If Kevin still wants to be baptized next Sunday he MUST come to church next week or it won't happen till the following week. We hope that we can do the baptism next week rather than waiting another week. PRAY FOR US!!!

Hope that this week will turn out a little better. Elder Turley's back is still acting up and he's been getting bad spasms.

Monday, March 7, 2011

#27- Bit By a Window

This week has gone by super fast. Transfers are on Tuesday. Elder Turley and I are staying together. Lets try to do the same format like before.

Monday February 28, 2011: Today we did our District Activity. It was tons of fun, we went Bowling. We've been going bowling a lot lately. It's really cheap on Mondays at the place that we go, it's like $1.50 a game and $1.50 for shoes so for 6 bucks we get 3 games. It's sweet!

Tuesday March 1, 2011: Today is my Bump day, meaning 6 months. Get it, Bump day. every month you have a Click day, which is like your birthday coming into the field. So yes, today is both my Click and Bump day. We went to Westland and blitzed their area. It was fun I got to meet Frank, one of their investigators. He's really cool and talks funny on purpose.

Friday March 4, 2011: We went to Sister Cupp's house to help her with some service. We moved a bunch of stuff and cleaned out the little porch that she has out back. While cleaning the porch, I reached down to move a window pane (that wasn't installed) and as I was lifting it up, the window that it was leaning on bit me because it was broken. It took a small crazy chunk out of my hand. I didn't even feel it when it happened. Good thing I had some Hello Kitty band-aids in my wallet. :)

The rest of the week was just normal missionary stuff. Teaching our investigators and teaching other people. It was a super fun week, except for one thing. But it's ok I'm getting through it, so it's no biggie.

Weather Status: Michigan weather SUCKS!!! It can't make up its mind. Once again it warmed up a little bit, then back to cold, rained for half a day and then turned right into snow after it rained. Come on just get to Spring already. It really isn't that bad it just gets annoying.