Richard's Mission Address

Elder Richard Aufdermauer
Michigan Detroit Mission
33505 State St. Ste. 101
Farmington, MI 48335

Monday, October 24, 2011


This week has been really good.
A few things have been picking up, and we are finding a lot of people. As far as new investigators it's been a little hard, but we have a few potentials. Most of the people that we have been finding are inactive members that have allowed us to come back to their home. It feels great when people say that we can come back because we know that the people know why we are coming and they realize that they need to get back to the straight and narrow path.

I'm going to write about the highlights of this week.

Thursday October 20, 2011: We helped a member move into the ward from Ogden, Utah. He is really interesting, nice and cool. He has more books than I have stuff. He is the son of a less active member and his sister Linda is investigating. We are hoping that he has a strong influence on them and helps them all come to church. His mother came to church with him yesterday, so that is a good note. Later that evening we stopped by someone that we didn't know, Maureen, she was baptized at 8 and became inactive a few years later when her family was broken up. I forget if it was divorce or death, but she hasn't been to church since. She is one that invited us to come back soon, she is going through some hard times. We also saw a part member family, The Kelleys. The dad is investigating and we had a great lesson about the Plan of Salvation, he has a hard time comprehending things so we used ~ ~ with him. We feel like it helped out because its really simple and there are a few videos.

Friday October 21, 2011: Leola was reactivated just a few weeks ago and she is making great progress. She invited a friend to come to church with her next week and we are hoping that her friend likes the ward and wants to learn more about the gospel.

Saturday October 22, 2011: HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY GRAHAM!!! Today was super BUSY. On Saturdays we play Basketball with some less actives and investigators. It was a lot of fun, the guys that play are really cool and are trying to teach me so I can play better, and I'm getting better. We then went to Detroit to Joy Road and Hubbell Road to do some service at the Baptist Church on the corner. We help out every Saturday with the Food Drive that they put on to help people in need get some food. After that we went right across the street to the car wash that is owned by a member and we washed the van. Danita, who owns the car wash is really awesome, she takes care of the missionaries really well. She goes to the Grand River Branch where the Schaffer and Greenfield Elders go. That's our district Schaffer, Greenfield and Dearborn. All 6 of us do the service here at the church. Later in the evening we found another inactive member that said that we can come back.

This has been another week full of helping others. It really helps make us feel uplifted.

I love you all and hope that you have a great week. Elder Lewis and I are going to go play Disk Golf now! Talk to you guys next week!

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