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Monday, November 21, 2011

#64- Back in Order

This week has been great. 

We've done a lot of referral work this week, we had 24 referrals that were not updated correctly or at all. We set out to to contact all of them this week and try to sort the wheat from the tares. We have reduced our referrals down to 12 with about 6 that we have yet to contact, and a few of them that we were already teaching. Most of these referrals date back to June and July with one all the back to February, it feels really good to have everything back in order. 

Part of Monday November 14, Friday November 18 & Saturday November 19 went to trying to contact Referrals.

Monday November 14, 2011: We switched our Preparation Day to Thursday so that we could go to the Temple with the Pickett's. Just what the above states, we used a big chunk of time to look for and try to get in contact with some referrals. We were able to contact a few of them.

Thursday November 17, 2011: We went to the Temple with the Pickett's. It was great! I love going there. Later in the evening we went to see Mary Cook (LA) the Pinto's came with us to fellowship. We had a great lesson with her on the Gospel. She opened up and we addressed some of the concerns that she has. She's not quite ready to come to church, she says, so we are giving her some time to warm up to it. 

Saturday November 19, 2011: It was a good day. We did our normal Saturday day morning routine. At 8 AM we were at the Church to play Basketball with some less actives and a few members. There were 8 total including Elder Lewis and I. That's the most we've had in a couple a weeks. It was really fun. We then went to go do service at the Church across from Danita's car wash in Detroit. That was great too, and then out to find a few more referrals. We found one, Max, he was really interesting. He records music at his house and apparently he has a song playing on the Radio. He seams to be really religious but has a lot of mixed beliefs. He is really open to having us over more, he knows that we are doing the service of God. 

Sunday November 20, 2011: We had a really cool experience last night. After we stopped by an investigator family, the appointment we had after that canceled on us. We parked the car in a nearby parking lot and took a look at our GPS. "Who should we stop by?" as we looked for a few minutes I got a feeling to go stop by Cassie, a less active that we haven't been able to get in contact for awhile. We got there and she let us come in to see her, she expressed that just moments ago she was praying, and asking for guidance, when just a few minutes later we pulled up in front of her house. It is definitely a testimony builder that God really does guide us to where we need to be.

I love you all. Hope things are going well. Hope everybody has a great Thanksgiving!

Tune in next week for more of "Richard's Mission Adventures!!!"

~Elder Richard Aufdermauer :)

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