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Monday, November 7, 2011

#62- Lots of Fun!

This week has been pretty slow, but for some reason it went by kinda fast.

Monday October 31, 2011: HALLOWEEN! It was pretty fun. We went bowling with the Schaefer (Mortensen & Green) and Greenfield (Whicker & Bingham) Elders. After bowling we went out to eat at Applebee's for Elder Mortensen's birthday on the 30th. Following dinner, because the Detroit areas have a curfew of 6:30 tonight they stayed with us while we went trick or treating to a few members and investigators houses, we only got 4, but it was fun.

Wednesday November 2, 2011: After our District Meeting I went on an exchange to Schaefer with Elder Green. It was pretty good, I got to be on my bike for the rest of the day and part of Thursday.

Thursday November 3, 2011: Elder Green and I went to play basketball with the Greenfield elders in the morning. While we were playing Elder Bingham came down to get the ball and elbowed Elder Green right above his eye, it split open and he started bleeding a lot. We fixed him up when we got to the apartment, it's going to leave a mark.

Saturday November 5, 2011: We went to Danita's car wash to help her out and to wash detail our van. We had apartment inspection and they check the car too, so we had a very clean apartment and a very clean car.

Sunday November 6, 2011: HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRISTIAN!!!! The church was all fixed up from last week so things were good. This guy came into church near the end of sacrament meeting and a member called us out to talk to him because he had a question. He was a Southern Baptist (white guy) and he asked about the curse of dark skin given to Cain and how it relates to black people. We explained that it was a curse of dark skin and not of black skin, we also gave him the account of Laman and Lemuel receiving the curse of dark skin. Definitely a common question we get.

Monday November 7, 2011: To celebrate Christian's birthday Elder Lewis and I went to The Henry Ford. Thanks to the Montierth Family who got us in for free. We went around the Museum and saw a bunch of the stuff there, unfortunately part of the car area was closed for some construction. The really cool part was going on the Rouge tour in the Factory. We got to walk around and see the assembly line and the workers working on the Ford F-150s it was really cool. Sorry you had to miss it Christian.

This week we were also able to see Malissa, and talk to the Velasquez family. Both wanted to and hoped to come to church but come Sunday none of them were able to make it. :( Hope they come next Sunday!

Also sorry I can't get the pictures of the service in Detroit or the pictures from Halloween party stuff, I guess you'll all have to wait until I find a computer in the library that will do it or just have to wait until I send a card home (I will, I still have one that I was suppose to send awhile ago, I'll get it to Christian and Molly soon).

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